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The colour, shape, elegance and harmony of natural marble

All the products in our range can be customised to meet our customers’ specific requirements with regard to colour and shape.
The entire process of creating a Collection by I Conci is carried out by the Company, in-house, together with qualified signature architects such as Stefano Bizzarri.

Raw Materials

St. Caterina Quarry

Tied to the nature and history of the piceno territory, discipline and guarantee its unique aestetique and physical characteristics related to the geo-geological history of this land.

  • Samarcanda
  • Star Beige
  • Grigio imperiale
  • Pietra Fossena Fiammata
  • Travertino Titanio
  • Travertino Giallo
  • Sodalite Blue
  • Bianco Carrara CD
  • Rosa Portogallo Venato
  • Rosso Asiago
  • Doussié
  • Canyon Onyx
  • Narigreen
  • Bianco Zara
  • Giallo Reale (Rosato)
  • Bianco Santa Caterina
  • Bianco Lasa Vena Oro
  • Rosa Tea
  • Dioclez
  • Rosa Perlino
  • Breccia Sarda
  • Sahara Noir
  • Angel Jasper
  • Azul Macaubas
  • Portoro
  • Onice Grey Pearl
  • Onice Green Light
  • Statuario Venato
  • White Onyx
  • Emerald Quarzite
  • Santa Caterina Avorio filled-brushed
  • Gerusalem Cream
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